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European Roulette Gold

For online casinos, holding a number of different variants of the same game is very easy to do. If you take a look at the game of roulette for example, it is very easy to see why the vast majority of casinos in the world will only offer one variant of the game. Roulette wheels are large and the tables that are used to play the game are large as well. It’s enough trouble meeting the demand for the game with one variant without having to cater to your customers by offering multiple variants and most casinos buy into this, only offering one variant of roulette to their customers. In the online world however, it is a lot easier to offer multiple variants of roulette since it just requires a little extra server space and this is primarily the reason for the existence of European Roulette Gold.

As far as the actual game itself goes, there is really not that much difference between European Roulette and European Roulette Gold. They are both games that follow the rules of European Roulette and for that reason all of the bets that you make will pay off the same and the threat of the single zero is exactly the same in both the standard and gold versions of this Microgaming creation.

However, there are two big differences to European Roulette Gold. The first is the Neighbour bet, which allows you to pick five adjacent squares on the wheel and bet on those five adjacent squares. This is a special type of bet that is not available in normal European Roulette and therefore if you are looking for more ways to bet then European Roulette Gold is the game for you. Additionally, the graphics, sounds and functionality of the game have been beefed up so that in general if you want a nicer gaming experience, then you should probably go with the gold version over the standard one that was released earlier.

So European Roulette Gold does have some differences, but it is not really its own unique game. And this is why the internet is the ideal place for it, because the lower storage concerns within the internet assure that games like European Roulette Gold can exist in the first place.