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Roulette Royale

One indication that things are going very well for roulette in the online world is the number of different variants that have been created of the game of roulette strictly in the online casino world. When you consider that it took centuries for just three variants of roulette to be made in the offline casinos of the world and then contrast that with the fact that at least three different distinct variants exist in the online world and have been created over the last decade, it is quite easy to see that roulette has been flourishing in its role as an online game.

Roulette Royale is one of the versions of the game to be created online and one of the things about Roulette Royale that is extremely interesting is the fact that Roulette Royale is pretty much exactly the same as European Roulette. In terms of the actual mechanics of the game, there is no difference between Roulette Royale and European Roulette. Both games share the same wheel configuration and both games share the same table configuration with the single zero layout upon which all of the different payouts are based.

The main difference however is that Roulette Royale has a progressive jackpot attached to it. This is usually what happens with games online, because progressive jackpots tend to be very popular amongst players of the online game. If the same number appears twice in a row, then you win 15:1 odds on the side bet that you make. If the same number appears three times in a row, then you get paid at 200:1 with four times in a row paying at an amazing 3000:1. Finally, if you are lucky enough to have the same number appear five times in a row, then you win the progressive jackpot.

For people that love jackpots or that love the game of roulette, Roulette Royale is definitely a game worth playing and it is a game that you will very likely only find in the online world.